Sunday’s cover – I do!

Hi everybody!
How’s you? gewd?
I’m fantastic. I’m drowning in good news and even if I’m super stressed out for the future it’s only super positive things happening so I’m all YAY!
First of all, my cousin, Stéphane, who’s also my godfather, announced that he’s gonna get married this autumn!
Then, we learned earlier this week that JUDE (my very first musical crush. he’s da bomb.) is COMING BACK! He finally has some material to release and is reaching out for help to do so. I already pledged for him and in less than 48 hours the goal was reached. I encourage you to go and buy his future album here, you don’t want to miss this!
Also also, next Friday my mom is coming to see me in Montreal so that means a week of vacation and me finally getting to show her why I love this city so much and also introduce her to my friends 🙂
And finally I’ll be moving out to a bigger place closer to my friends and my job at the end of the month, so that means a loooot of things happening.
I’ll still try to post covers here though.
SPEAKING OF WHICH, today’s cover is a song by Jude, who conveniently made a song about a wedding, it’s bittersweet but I love it so much and I had a lot of fun recording it :3
Tell me what you guys about it!
(You guys, we are very close to reaching the magic milestone of a 1000 followers on this blog! this is just insane! Thank you so much to everyone who follows me, I love you lots!!)
Have a nice week!


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